Wednesday, January 31, 2018

[Quiet Closure] Montie's Public House Has Closed in Brookhaven

Montie's Public House quietly closed early this month after about nine and a half years in business.  The restaurant, located on Buford Highway at Corporate Boulevard in Brookhaven, first opened as Zuffy's Place in August 2008 before rebranding as Montie's Public House in late 2013.  Both restaurants trace their roots to Fuzzy's Place, a longstanding restaurant on North Druid Hills Road near Buford Highway that closed in late 2007.
According to the Montie's Facebook page, the restaurant closed without much notice on Monday, January 1.  

"#thankyouatlanta for your support the last few years. @montiespub is saying goodbye after today. If you’re in the neighborhood swing by for a goodbye beer or shot. #thanksforthelove #thanksforthememories #newbeginningsahead"

Montie's, owned by Montie Henderson, occupied a former Denny's restaurant.  Coincidentally, Denny's announced plans in 2014 to reopen in the area in a former Captain D's, but those plans never materialized.  With the Montie's building currently being advertised for lease, perhaps Denny's would reconsider reopening in Brookhaven. 

Were you a patron of Montie's Public House?  What would you like to see open in place of Montie's?  Do you think Denny's should return to the area?

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Another page turned...Zuffy's was reborn from Fuzzy's. Fuzzy's was created by Dan and 'Fuzzy', who had been frequent customers of Copperfield's (now Follie's) on Buford Highway. Dan and Fuzzy spent many nights in Copperfield's and they were beloved regulars. They decided to open their own place, thus Fuzzy's was opened on North Druid, in the building that had housed 'The Bearded Clam" (it's true!). I was a manager at Copperfield's during that time. We missed Dan, Fuzzy and their many friends when they absconded to Fuzzy's. Dan and Fuzzy also recruited several of our best wait staff from Copperfieled's. Fuzzy's was legendary: good food, great local music, and just enough 'funny stuff' going on inside and outside to create an air of mystery and attraction. Those were good times in the 1980s along Buford Highway. Zuffy's and Montie's never really recreated the success of Fuzzy's; Copperfield's is now a tit bar; the former Applebee's has been thru many iterations and is soon to become 'Haus?'; the Dunkin Donuts became a sex/smoke shop; Steak & Shake is a Hispanic market; 'Lips' has replaced whatever used to be between the bank and the old Applebee's. And thru it all, the one constant has been Pink Pony!
I think a new Denny's on that corner would be nice, but I'm not so sure the traffic and demographics would support it.

Anonymous said...

When I turned 18 in '75 we would go to the Bearded Clam to celebrate.
First time I had a gin & tonic. Worked across Buford at Taco Pronto which
was next door to Sandy's Burger joint where some of my fellow Cross Keys
buds worked. Later we would head over to Shakey's Pizza on Cheshire Bridge
for cold beer and pizza....

Dennis Caniglia said...

Fuzzy Place was one of a kind. The best bar and food as well as good times in Atlanta.

TheJohnP said...

To first Anon, I am almost positive that Lips is now where Danver's used to be located.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Danvers originally!

Anonymous said...

They closed because Brookhaven is changing there liquor laws and will closing at Midnight on Sundays in an attempt to be a poorer version of Dunwoody The city council of Brookhaven is killing what was once a great bedroom city of a Atlanta by turning it into something it is not losers!!!

Unknown said...

Montie's survived on their late night crowd - both service industry as well as people leaving the nearby clubs in search for a late night menu. Montie never judged - just served (himself most nights) with a big smile on his face. Roll back of bar hours was an absolute silver bullet to a good guy just trying to run his own business as hard as he could.

Anon said...

i was a patron of montie's for many years. i've known montie since his first bartending gig at famous pub. i think when the lease was up, he was just ready to be done. he always said "if you show up and the building is on fire, don't call 911!" he will go on to do more, no doubt in my mind. the food there was great.