Monday, April 2, 2018

[EXCLUSIVE] Atlantic Station Boneheads to Shutter and Make Way For Pho 24, Fo Real

Boneheads will soon close its restaurant at Atlantic Station.  The restaurant, which is being replaced by Pho 24, was one the last few remaining Boneheads in business in metro Atlanta.  Boneheads, which offered "fresh" seafood in a quick serve setting, was originally launched in 2006 by Moe's Southwest Grill creator Raving Brands.  The Atlantic Station Boenheads was for a time known as Fish Hook Grille, essentially the same concept with a different name, but it eventually reverted back to the Boneheads moniker.  
Despite materials on the Boneheads website heralding the concept as "#1 Fast Casual Seafood Brand with No National Competitors," the brand is now down to just one location in Georgia, in Dunwoody, and just two overall, the other in Pensacola, Florida.  

Pho 24, an Atlanta-based Vietnamese eatery, has five locations open:  Chamblee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Buford & Downtown, with a sixth coming soon to Commerce, north of Buford.  

The Atlantic Station location is expected to begin construction soon after Boneheads closes, currently planned for the end of May.  Plans call for Pho 24 to be open by Labor Day weekend in early September. 

In recent months, the leasing team at Atlantic Station has secured a number of new restaurants at the complex. 

Salata, a quick serve salad eatery, opened last year in place of Moe's Southwest Grill, while Atlanta-based NaanStop plans to open in June in place of Tin Drum Asian Kitchen.  Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese barbecue, is also joining the development, opening in May in the former Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro space.  

Are you excited by the restaurant changes at Atlantic Station?  What type of restaurant would you most like to see open at Atlantic Station? Are you a pho fan?

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fitnfrisky said...

If this is the same Pho 24 as on Buford Hwy - everyone is in for a treat.
That place is a hole in the wall, but the food and the Pho are authentic.
It's not a chain. I can only order the small pho soup - it just fills you right up. And the service is super fast !!

oden said...

If it has 6 locations, what are we calling it if not a local chain?

Carl Muth said...

I'm shocked!!!

Anonymous said...

This and Naan Stop and Gyu Kaku are all definite upgrades. Hopefully the food at Pho 24 won't have to be much more expensive than in the original locations.

Anonymous said...

No mo pho. Over hyped and trendy.

Anonymous said...

An Asian noodle dish that's been around probably over 1,000 years is over hyped and trendy? And if so, this is a Vietnamese restaurant that has "Pho" in it's name. It is not a Pho restaurant. It's us Americans who need "Pho" in the name so we understand what's going on. Most 'Muricans r-nt the brite-est. There are plenty of other menu items (about 40) if one doesn't want Pho (about 16).

Anonymous said...

"Most 'Muricans r-nt the brite-est"

At least you're honest about yourself, but plesse don't speak for the rest of us. Agree with the overhyped and trendy aspect, as these restaurants are not authentic and are just serving up Americanized versions to make money off your elitist mindset. Since we don't care about assimilation or obeying laws for immigrants, you may very well be eating authentic dishes at these ethnic restaurants. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Someone knows what they are doing at Atlantic Station, judging by tired and stale restaurants leaving and those that are replacing them. I will definitely be more likely to go there knowing that I can also get decent affordable food as well.

fbenario said...

"with a sixth coming soon to Commerce, north of Buford"

Oh, please. Commerce is north of Athens, not Buford. Goodness.

Anonymous said...

It will be nice to finally have a place to get banh mi on the NW side! Closest place is Pho King on Peachtree.