Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Leaving Kennesaw, Mountain Biscuits to Rise in Dallas

Mountain Biscuits, a Kennesaw favorite for breakfast and lunch, is relocating to Dallas, citing high rent as a leading factor in their decision to relocate.  The restaurant, located at 1718 Old 41 Highway at the foot of Kennesaw Mountain, first opened in 2009 before expanding - nearly tripling in size - in 2016.  

Owner Debbie Ingram opened Mountain Biscuits in what was once a backwoods filling station, breathing new life into what had for years been an abandoned eyesore.  Ingram, a 20 year veteran of Waffle House, did not start a biscuit pro.  “My son’s best friend’s mother gave me the low down, and I practiced until the day we opened” she told Cobb Life magazine in 2015.

Mountain Biscuits owner Deborah Ingram said of her decision to relocate,  "I'm older now and I have no time to see my grandchildren and I also do horse rescue and I have no time to spend at my farm all I do is work."  

Mountain Biscuits was reportedly originally slated to close April 5, but has since delayed their closure until Saturday, April 28.  The new location, about 15 miles away in a former Huddle House at 210 Merchants Square, is expected to open about 45 days after the Kennesaw closure.  The new location will retain the Mountain Biscuits name.       

Mountain Biscuits' departure from Kennesaw follows last June's closure of The Ugly Biscuit on South Main Street, about four miles away.  Like Mountain Biscuits, the owners of The Ugly Biscuit cited rent as a contributing factor in their decision to close, saying: "Due to increasing rent cost and the amount of competition it is no longer feasible to continue operations."  

Creative Loafing's Brad Kaplan published an interesting piece in 2016 in which he described what he called the "Marietta-Kennesaw Biscuit Triangle."  The Triangle, or square, as it turns out, was made up of Mountain Biscuits, The Ugly Biscuit, Stilesboro Biscuits and The Red Eyed Mule.  

Stilesboro Biscuits, which Lynn Herndon opened in 1994 in a building that dates to 1897, was itself on the verge of closing last year amidst a significant infrastructure improvement project that severely impacted access to her restaurant.  Herndon told WSB-TV last year that the project, which she said reduced her sales 78% in its first week, would put her out of business.  Luckily, the community rallied and the work was curtailed during the restaurant's peak hours and Stilesboro remains in business today. 

Are you sad to see Mountain Biscuits leave Kennesaw? Will you travel to Dallas?  What is your favorite biscuit joint in town?

Please share your thoughts below.   

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include comment from Ingram and also clarification that she has decided to retain the Mountain Biscuits name in the new location.  


Deborah Ingram said...

Good morning. I just want to start by saying thank you so much it's a wonderful feeling to know that we're going to be missed this article was a total surprise to me when I received the link from a friend this morning. There are a couple things I'd like to clarify though as I do not know who the source for this article was but these are things that I never said. The reason I am leaving this location it's because it's just grown so big and so busy and I'm older now and I have no time to see my grandchildren and I also do horse rescue and I have no time to spend at my farm all I do is work. The new owners going to be better suited for this building as for me I certainly hope you'll come see us at the new location in the old Huddle House building in Dallas Georgia but once again I don't know who the source for this article was because it gives some other name for my business and I was just going to stay Mountain biscuits so people could find us. But April 28th will be our last day open thanks to everyone we love all of you and it's just been a privilege to serve everyone sincerely Deborah Ingram the owner

Greg said...

Interesting article. Did the owner physically tell you all of this information? Where did it come from?

B. Kelly said...

I live in Dallas so this isbthe beat news today <3 <3<3

Deborah Ingram said...

Hi Greg I'm the owner. As you can see in my post above yours I was not the source for the article

Tommy & Britt Schlosser said...

Great for me as I live in Dallas!

The Florida Virgin said...

I love Mountain Biscuits! I hope you're able to make it in the old Huddle House building, it seems to be cursed. I'll definitely come see you, though.

Ms O said...

Work in Kennesaw live in Dallas. So Look glad you are coming to Dallas !!!

Dave Grant said...

Deborah, as a resident of Paulding, business owner in Hiram and lover of the restaurant, would you be open to getting a quote from
State Farm for your insurance?

hi 2877 said...

Good luck here in Dallas, Look forward to eating there. I here some of the Dallas officials are making it difficult to open a business....ie McCrackens downtown Dallas.

BlueJag said...


From all the Atlanta Track Club runners who kid the only reason to run is to enjoy Mountain Biscuit, we will miss you!

Thanks for the many delicious Saturday morning biscuits and pancakes...

--Terry Banker
In Training for Peachtree runners

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Dallas,, but it doesn't make sense to use the excuse "it has just gotten so big and so busy". You tripled it's size less than 2 years ago! What did you expect? We won't be travelling to Dallas. I predict 2 years max.