Thursday, March 14, 2019

[UPDATE] Renderings Revealed But Kroger Embry Village Delayed Again

The renovation and expansion of the Kroger at Embry Village on Chamblee Tucker Road is reportedly still happening, but is unfortunately delayed again.  The project was first announced in early 2016, with plans to start work that fall.  A number of other Kroger expansions and new stores were delayed or cancelled in the months since, then leading many to speculate that the Embry Village store renovation would suffer a similar fate.

ToNeTo Atlanta has been the only Atlanta media outlet keeping residents informed on the project's progress and most recently reported this past fall that Kroger planned to start work in "January 2019."  January came and went, and still no visible work has started.

Contacted for comment this past week, Felix Turner, Kroger's Corporate Affairs Manager for the Atlanta division, said of the Embry Village store:

"We are still in the process of obtaining a building permits.  Once those are secured, we'll begin groundbreaking."  Turner declined to provide a possible updated timeline.  

Perhaps at this point, under new leadership [Tim Brown replaced longtime Atlanta division president Bruce Lucia last fall], Kroger is taking a more "under promise, over deliver" approach to the media.  

For what it's worth, Kroger has been talking of "obtaining building permits" since 2016.

It's also worth noting that the website for Embry Village, a center owned by large national REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Kimco Realty, continues to provide conflicting information as to the eventual size of the store.  

The website states:  "Embry Village is under redevelopment to expand Kroger to 120,000 square feet for a new Marketplace concept store. " 

The site-plan for the store, however, (also on the website) indicates the enlarged Kroger will only be 102,877 square feet, still a significant jump from their current roughly 57,000 square foot store, but not large enough to be categorized as a Marketplace store according to multiple Kroger sources.  

Glynn Jenkins, former Public Relations Director for Kroger’s Atlanta Division told ToNeTo Atlanta in 2016 that the store would be a 113,000 square foot Marketplace store.  Now, Mr. Turner is painting a far more vague picture, indicating to us in November "At this point the plan is for a Marketplace store. That is subject to change as the project progresses."

Despite Kroger's delays, build your own pizzeria Your Pie recently opened in the center, as did quick-serve burger eatery Wayback Burger.  

Are you surprised to see the new Kroger store continue to be delayed?  Have you tried either of the new restaurants in Embry Village?  What other tenants would you like to see open in Embry Village?  

Please share your thoughts below.  


Anonymous said...

Kroger in general is uninspiring. Kroger's employees and service are sub-par, barely better than Walmart. Obviously Kroger has some excellent employees. But as a group, they are not so great. It's very curious that Kroger's employees need a union in this day and age with so many federal, state and local labor regulations? Over the years I've purchased Half & Half and other dairy products several times at Kroger. I don't know why, but it has soured well before the stamped date more than once or twice. I don't buy dairy at Kroger any longer. And last time I tried, Kroger does not honor BOGO price if you want to purchase only one. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

This Kroger is locally know as “ghetto” Kroger. Many people would rather travel a few more miles to a Publix or Walmart neighborhood market. It is amazing this Kroger is still in business. The most likely delay is due to negative financial return, if Kroger HQ identified it as profitable store / trade area they would have invested. The business case is negative, therefore do not invest. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

No matter which Kroger, dairy, produce and meats are terrible. Never fresh even when the date is new and current. I absolutely do not trust Kroger dairy and milk. Even the deli yuck. The worst Publix, if there is a such thing, is on a level 10 times better than the best Kroger.

Anonymous said...

Wow the Publix employees are out in full force with their hubris and hate for Kroger.

Bless your hearts!

Anonymous said...

9:23 PM ... 12:38 AM ... 2:31 AM

All the SAME poster ... we get it ... you dislike Kroger ... GET A LIFE

Anonymous said...

FYI 102,877 square feet is the current size of the Kroger

Anonymous said...

@Anon @8:38AM - It's hilarious that you think Publix employees troll a post about Kroger. Everything written here is, in general, accurate. And if you disagree, it's likely you're a Kroger PR person!

Anonymous said...

Troll posts at 9:23 PM, 12:38 AM, 2:31 AM - and now 9:59 AM just waiting to pounce back.

Anonymous said...

What about Kroger Citicenter! It needs a re-do more than any of them!

Anonymous said...

Ghetto Kroger is on Moreland. Not saying this Kroger is nice, but no one calls this one ghetto Kroger.

Anonymous said...

I am poster 231 am. I do not work for Publix or Kroger. I am a consumer of both. Being a consumer of both is how I am qualified to comment on both. The ONLY time I go to Kroger is when Publix is closed after 10 pm and only for frozen food or canned goods or beverage products. Fresh dairy, meats, deli, produce I will never buy at Kroger. For safety reasons I do not recommend buying dairy at any Kroger. I do t recommend Walmart either for dairy. The employees keep the dairy items on carts not refrigerated for many hours in the aisles while they take smoke and toke breaks and they go spoiled.

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