Born and raised in Atlanta, I can remember asking my parents at an early age "what's that?" and "what used to be there?"  Now, years later, and a university business degree in hospitality administration later, I report on, and occasionally throw in my two cents on Atlanta's retail, restaurant and hotel scene.  I've done time in giant movie theaters and small independent boutiques, in large department stores and a luxury hotel, and through my blog I share my experiences and help the would-be business owner.

The intent behind this blog is not now, nor ever was it to bad-mouth businesses or to cheer failures.  Instead, quite to the contrary, I hope people, businesses and whomever else, find this blog useful in site selection, expansion and the overall decision making process.  I wish everyone all the success in the world, but if I see you doing something stupid - opening a similar concept in a troubled location, opening a value oriented business offering exclusively valet parking - whatever, I will call you out and I will comment.

Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, but every time I'm honest.  Unlike other local blogs and publications, no one compensates me financially or otherwise to say something -  good or bad, that's how it's been, and that's how it will remain.

I'm proud to be an Atlantan, with a 404 area code and I appreciate the feedback and the support.



ABC said...

Swirl in Town Brookhaven closed last night.

ed said...

On Delk near I75 in the old "Spaghetti Warehouse" location
the sign went up for the "Metropolitan".
Do you have any info?
Enjoy your blog.

Atlantan99 said...


Yes, please see this post.


Thanks for your comments and readership.

Anonymous said...

Great site. I heard that TESLA MOTORS is building a car showroom in Lenox. Can you confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Haute Doggery place on N Highland has a chain link fence around it. Looks like it could be turning into a Flip Burger based on a sign on the fence.

Anonymous said...

Former Pizza Hut location at Piedmont Road and Sidney Marcus Blvd is being torn down today. (I can send picture if you would like). Word from demo crew manager is that Chase Bank will be building and opening a new branch bank at this location.

Anonymous said...

This would be sad if true. I love these woods for evening walks.

Subject: Developer buying up land next to Clairmont Campus?

This is non-Emory property but adjacent so I wondered if anyone had heard anything about this and/or, if it's true, whether Emory would have any interest in influencing the plan?

A property owner on Clairmont Rd. sent this to our xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: "10 acres of land on clairmont from the emory campus all the way up to gables apartments (the side with belt junction) is about to be gobbled up by brannen and goddard commercial real estate developers. Their developments are shoddy and poorly maintained; they plan to build over 100 town homes on this land which will only increase traffic. We are being threatened by this firm while many that own homes on this street rolled like dominoes. ... They are moving fast and will clear cut the entire 10 acres which is full of pileated woodpeckers and other wildlife that benefit from the hardwoods in this area. They offered a paltry $4 million for the 10 acres...."

Lisa said...

Any news on what is going on at RuSan's original location? Sign says under new mgt (or maybe ownership - don't remember) and lots of demo work going on inside.

Also, growler place that was going in on Piedmont across from Taco Cabana (next to Saigan Basil) is no more. For rent sign back in the window.

Richard Hunter said...

What happened to Don Pablo's on Cobb Pkwy near Cumberland Mall? Suddenly closed as of Friday afternoon 2/21?? Hopefully it will reopen as an On The Border??

Anonymous said...

Any idea whats happening to the old We Buy Gold building on Piedmont Rd (in front of Disco Kroger)? Lovies BBQ is now open in the basement space, but there's construction activity in the upstairs suite. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Atlantan99 said...

@Anon RE: We Buy Gold,

Yes, as I reported back in December, that will be a second location or Downtown's NaanStop restaurant. It's way behind schedule but should open later this fall.


Thanks for your comments and readership!

Anonymous said...

I think Amura just closed its door for good tonight

Anonymous said...

Just found out that a Mediterranean Restaurant is going into the former Wendy's on Johnson Ferry Rd in Marietta/East Cobb area. From Cobb County new business license info: CASPIAN GRILL AFAZ, LLC


Anonymous said...

Lunacy Black Market is closed according to their website

Tony Rogowski said...

Love this blog. Great info. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does Atlanta only mean North Metro? I see no coverage of south metro.

Anonymous said...

Bludso's Bar-B-Que now open in Castleberyy Hill