Monday, February 25, 2008

Sharper Image Files For Bankruptcy , Atlanta Stores To Close?

This week came the expected announcement that The Sharper Image, based in San Francisco had filed for Chapter 11. What was once their strength, a niche market catering to those that desire the latest and greatest in electronics and novelty has now crippled the company. Nowadays, products they carry are available in most and large department store. After announcing their bankruptcy, it was also made clear that 60 of the current 183 retail stores will close in the coming months. With 6 locations in Georgia (Savannah, Buckhead, West Cobb, Northpoint, Dunwoody and Buford) its a safe bet that some local stores will be shuttered, my guess being all will close except for Northpoint and Buckhead.

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atlanta bankruptcy said...

Sharper Image! but we need all those expensive things.

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