Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Know Style Goes Bye Bye

Know Style a store that seems to somehow appear in many of the areas finer malls abruptly closed their store at Lenox Square. Located in the former Polo store on the main hall, there were reports of multiple fights occurring both inside and just outside the store. Apparently there are many issues with the interior of the store, the AC in particular that may be reasons that SIMON has been unable to land a reputable retailer for this prime spot in the mall.


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD!! I was so mad at Simon for letting that tacky store into such a prime Lenox space.

Anonymous said...

Restoration Hardware is negotiating for this space, since they want to relocate and expand into the main mall corridor. However, J.Crew is also said to be looking for a site to relocate and expand, so this could also be a potential space for them, if Restoration Hardware does not move.

kennethdisraili said...

Well they certainly got the name right. Know Style was certainly NO STYLE!!

Anonymous said...

there should be restrictions in high end malls on the quality of stores they allow in there. These types of stores bring down the mall. it should have never been allowed to lease in the first place!

tasteofpassion said...

Wow. I bought a gorgeous and vibrant full-length dress today from a store by that name in the Augusta mall. There was nothing tacky or lacking in quality about it. I like this store. I seriously doubt it's the same as what these Atlanta folks are fussing about. And if it is the same company, clearly these women are either blind or too large to fit in these styles. I sincerely hope this isn't the case, and I look forward to shopping at Know Style again. I hope this helps!

Displeased customer said...

I agree, the store isnt very classy. I know this isnt a review blog but I really do want to share my experience with this store. After looking around a while, I bought two dresses that looked pretty appropriate for my graduation and asked an employee what the return policy is. ( I must admit this was my mistake. I should have looked at the sign rather than ask an employee) However, she told me that I could return it in 10 days if I still had all the tags. I'm Korean and went with my grandmother to the store. So she explained the policy in both Korean and English. So I bought the two dresses. When I called my mom that day I found out that she already bought me a graduation dress. Within a few hours i drove back and tried to return it. The very lady I spoke to told me that there was a no refund policy. Which I totally understand. However, I did remind her that she had not said so when i asked. Instead of admitting to her mistake she claimed that I must have misunderstood her. When calling the owner of the store, I was redirected to another employee in Georgia. She went on to call me a liar. The employee i talked to earlier maintained that she had mentioned the no refund policy and that it was my fault that I couldnt understand her. My grandmother heard her in Korean and I heard her twice. She still lied.

Though there is nothing wrong with the store. It is terrible to see her get away with her mistake. Her mistake cost me $70.

A lesson to all: never rely on employees rather look at the written statements (Though this may seem very obvious. One mistake can lead to harsh accusations)


Anonymous said...

it was a little girl comming in
the mall and when the little girl
saw the korean girl she just sticked the taung and then she was dissipeir!And the the korean girl was turning around and then she was looking around of trying to be somewhere that the little girl and then she had to find the Korean girl quickly and then she couldnt find her and then she was saying that she was g*y And then , her big sister said that if she say one more bad thing , you are going out of this store.And then, the black little girl had her
mouth close now and then she said that the Korean girl was ugly but
she is not ugly and then , The black little girl said that because she think that she wasn`teven pretty enough! but she had soo many issues in the store and she was about to get in big trouble to say stuff like that and then she was out of control but she had a bad day for doing that when she just went to I know style at the lenox mall. And then, she had to say sorry the Korean girl
And then she said - You said your
sorry? Then,the little girl said
- yes. And then, the Korean girl
said then, why you scared me? then,
the little girl said I dont know.
And then , she said bye and then,
the korean girl said the same thing.And then the black little girl mom was going going to have
some kinda additude about what the little girl did. AND THAT WAS THE END!

Anonymous said...

What in hell does that last post mean?

ProShop99 said...

We here @ Repeat Atlanta have no idea! If anonymous would perhaps want to shed light on what exactly is meant by that last comment, we'd be all ears.

Anonymous said...

We already know that the I know Style
store was already closed.So I work
im I know style and Im Korean and I
also buy pretty outfits I found and I got it from I know Style store and I was working there find. But there were something a issue over there and saw a person who do not belong to but it was the one that cannot do the right thing in my store but I also ignore them every time I had to pay attention what I was doing why Im workig and then, I move to the different kind of store because of that and I cannot aloud people doing like they dont have any since.The mean person was calling
me a fagget then they was was starting to curse at me then they
were calling me a b*tch and thats
why Im moving to the other store
because sometime black women or
black girl think that they are not
pretty enough! I heard that the black lady said something to me
and then, my little Korean sister
was okay but the black little girl
said that the black little girl said your ugly to my little sister
but the black little girl better shut up or her mom will have a attitude about what she`ve done.
I already move and I work at the
another mall now and I am going to
work to the other I know style store.

Anonymous said...

Well thank God - that clears it up perfectly!

Reactionary said...

Glorious diversity!

Nadia said...

I am glad that Know Style is gone because that Know Style in that locations did not offer a whole lot. I usually do not speak on blogs BUT today I decided because I want to talk about the OH SO PRESTIGIOUS LENNOX MALL. For all of you that thinks a mall makes you this and that, think again. Lennox is not all of that and to say that a certain store doesn't belong in a mall is low and stupid. Why? Because it is run by Koreans? Oh my! A minority in the classy establishment of Buckhead. I'm so sick of the glares and snares that any minority receives when they shop at Lennox. It is so overrated and any and everybody is good enough to be there. And you see, this is why people..Americans will NEVER, I repeat NEVER embrace each other. I'm so sick of people talking about Lennox and bragging on Lennox and they can't even pay their bills. So anyways, get a life because any store belongs in any mall and I'm not going to be anonymous because I'm not scared or too coward to speak my point of view. So I'm speaking out to all you high statuses of life. Guess what? You're going to turn into dirt like the rest of us. So take that and the brick up your ass and swallow your pride. Good day! Toodles!

Anonymous said...

It's Lenox (not "Lennox") SQUARE, not "Mall". Lenox Square is indeed a mall, but "Mall" isn't part of its name.

Got that?

Nadia said...

I'm sorry well educated jackass! I'm not as educated as you. Boo-hoo! I guess I need to go back to school while you keep shopping @ Lennox. Oh excuse me, "Lenox" and a mall is a mall.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot of you people are really condescending and elitist. Maybe one day the tables will be turned, and you'll have to shop at stores that you don't feel are up to your privileged tastes.

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