Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Restaurant Closure Predictions

With all the hoopla surrounding all the new restaurants opening in Atlanta such as Craft and Legal Seafood, I like to take this time to point out a glaring problem, restaurants that have recently opened are not doing as well as they had hoped and it seems silly to continue to open more and more. Next on my closure list, another ill fated Atlantic Station tenant, one if not all of the Dolce Group restaurants (Dolce, Geisha House , Ten Pin Alley) and Aquaknox at Terminus. All of these establishments have their days, or in some cases their hours in which they do quite well, but as we all know, a few hours or a couple nights of good business can't carry a restaurant long term. My call, one if not all of these establishments close up shop in 4-8 months. Repeat Atlanta!

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