Thursday, August 14, 2008

Room & Board , Bill Hallman Coming To White Provisions?

This just in! Room & Board and Bill Hallman are said to be in talks for locations within the redevelopment of White Provisions on Howell Mill road. Nothing concrete yet, but both would be ideal for the area. Repeat Atlanta!


k-dogg said...

I was hoping that Room & Board would open on Peachtree along the Midtown Mile...White Provision is going to be a great addition to the area!

By the way, why has nothing been announced for Viewpoint yet? - people are actually living there already! What exactly are they waiting on?

Anonymous said...

In regards to Viewpoint, in late 2007, I read in the GaTech Campus paper that La Fonda and Felini's would open locations here, but nothing lately.

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