Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aja Brings An Innovative Approach To Former Emeril's

Atlanta based Here To Serve Restaurants plans to open their new restaurant "aja" next month. The concept behind this new restaurant is Asian Fusion, a first for H2S. Taking the space that formerly housed the notorious Emeril's Atlanta, aja brings a new concept to a great space. With acclaimed restaurateur Tom Catherall and his team of visionary chefs at the helm, aja is sure to be another Here To Serve success! Look for a "soft" opening Novemebr 7th, and Grand Opening November 8th.

**Though it was initially reported that former Top Chef contestant Dale Talde would be running the kitchen, recent reports indicate he opted to stay put up north. (No word on whether the departure of Richard Blais, {a friend of Talde's} from Here To Serve's "home" played a part in his decision to turn down the aja gig) Repeat Atlanta!

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