Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Harold’s Closing All Stores, Finally!

Dallas-based Harold's will close all 43 stores nationwide including three in metro Atlanta. When it was announced they would move their from Lenox to Phipps, I went in to the Lenox store to have a look. Having never been in the store, I totally understand why they are now closing. Their brand seems stuck in the 90's. Nothing stuck out, it almost seemed like a Sears outlet. Having taken a portion of the former Gap at Phipps, the mall will soon have two large vacancies with the January 2009 closing of Niketown. Ruehl 925, or Martin + Osa could be possibilities, though neither has shown significant growth potential after fast starts. The other Harold's in metro Atlanta are at the Avenue's East Cobb and North Point Village, near North Point mall. Repeat Atlanta!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Phipps has done nothing with that vacant space where forth & towne was to go.
Hopefully this will enable them to put some larger retailers in there.

Anonymous said...

Ruehl isn't doing too well and apprently isn't expanding...doubt it'd be that~

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