Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Firkin Pub Coming To Lindbergh

Ontario Canada based The Firkin will open a new franchised location at Lindbergh City Center later this year. Next to Tongue & Groove, the build out has just begun and looks to be a couple months from completion. The Firkin, an English pub concept, has 48 locations open now, 30 in Canada and the remaining 18 in the States. There are 148 additional locations in development to date. Repeat Atlanta!


AsianCajuns said...

I'm always a big fan of pub grub!

p.s. we didn't make it to Best of... hope you had a wonderful/tasty time!

ProShop99 said...

I will keep you apprised of the opening as it nears. A tasty time indeed. We should meet for lunch one day. A day of lively blog banter haha

P.S. Repeat Atlanta seems absent from your local blogs :(

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