Friday, February 27, 2009

Urban Flats;From a Frenzy to a Flop In 60 Days?

Urban Flats, an Orlando based franchise, who's local franchisee Bob Rogers opened a second location at Lindbergh City Center has already replaced his general manager. With an interesting concept and a great space, its a wonder this place does not do better until you step foot inside. Weeks ago it seemed to be doing well, with many diners inside; that has changed of late. It seems the restaurant has an identity crisis of sorts. Utilizing OpenTable, a system usually found in many mid to high-end sit down restaurants, with a very large space and reasonable menu, the concept seems to be a confused hybrid of restaurant, bar and on certain days, club. Judging from the dining room on a recent weeknight visit, this confusion seems to have led to the most unwanted outcome, emptiness and loss of customers. Repeat Atlanta!

What are your thoughts on Urban Flats? Drop us a line in our comment section and let us know.

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Smokipenelope said...

I love Urban Flats! I know it is always empty but the food is great. The goat cheese and tomato bisque is one of my favorite things right now. Part of me wants them to stay the way they are right now, b/c I can always get a table, but I don't want them to go out of business so hopefully they'll get it together soon!

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