Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are The Lights Finally Out At Illuminations?

Illuminations, a candle store on the second level of Lenox near Bloomingdales, is apparently closing for the second time in two years. After having a "Going out of Business sale" a little over a year ago , the store closed and remained empty for months. A few months ago, something mysterious happened: the store reopened in the exact same space. Now, on a recent trip to Lenox, I see that once again the store is having a "store closing sale" with up to 75% off, just like last time. Is it just a gimmick? Are they really closing? Its anyone's guess, but I guess we'll find out in six months. Repeat Atlanta!

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Shyra said...

Illuminations is owned by Yankee Candle. They sent out an email awhile back saying they were closing all of the Illuminations stores.

They apparently don't know what to do with this product line they purchased some years back. There was a store in Providence, RI which they closed soon after they purchased the chain. Then the opened other locations on the east coast after they stated that they were pulling out of the east and focusing on the west coast.

Maybe they're smelling too many scents and it's clouding their brain?

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