Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chef Mennie's "Livingston" Opening At the Georgian Terrace April 20th

Gary Mennie will be opening "Livingston" April 20th at The Georgian Terrace hotel in midtown according to a hotel representative. Mennie, co-founder of Canoe, recently closed his SoBu eatery Taurus but seems to have found his next great eatery not far away. Well respected in the Atlanta area for his culinary skills, Mennie has been a favorite of mine for years. The restaurant itself gets its name from former Atlanta mayor Livingston Mims and will be run by San Francisco-based Puccini Group. The hotel was built on land that years before was home to Mims original residence. The Livingston restaurant is the crown jewel of the $11 million dollar renovation the historic hotel is now going through. As I know the major challenge at Taurus was its second floor location within a shopping center. I hope that being in such a glamorous hotel across from the FOX will be the winning formula Mennie deserves! Repeat Atlanta!

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