Friday, March 13, 2009

The Raving Idiots Are At It Again, Uncle Fatty's Coming Soon

Atlanta-based Raving Brand's, famous for their successful Moe's Southwest Grill and Planet Smoothie concepts, and more recently for a class-action lawsuit brought against them by franchisees, is launching a new concept. Now yes, all charges were dismissed even before the trial could begin, something I'll never make sense of, considering the legitimacy of a number of the charges. Either way, Raving's President Martin Sprock has finally announced their new concept to be "Uncle Fatty's". Its initial location will not be located in Atlanta as with all prior concept launches, but instead Raleigh, NC, though future locations are said to include Atlanta and other southern cities. With a menu consisting of burgers, fries and pizza, the restaurant already seems like the most unoriginal of all their concepts. I think they could have done better on the name as well. Perhaps call the place "Obesity City" or "Heart attack à la carte." These names are not already taken like Uncle Fatty's, which has been in Chicago for years. Repeat Atlanta!

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