Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Varasano's Pizzeria Finally Opens (For Dinner)

After months of setbacks, its finally here! Jeff Varasano, author of the online gourmet pizza manifesto that has attracted international attention, will open his first restaurant today in Tivoli's Mezzo property. The pizzeria will open for dinner service today and will expand to lunch within the next few days. Varasano’s Pizzeria seats about 125 including an outdoor patio and bar. Menu items will include favorites like the Margherita as well as many of Varasano’s own creations. Originally from the Bronx, Varasano has spent years perfecting his own version of his favorite New York pie and after international trips and many experimental variations of bread, ingredients and temperature; he has created his perfect pie. Repeat Atlanta!

Worth the hype? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Looks better than that pizza fussion crap. I actually saw their smart car flying down the road turning left onto peachtree from peidmont in buckhead, maxing out at top speeds. I thought for sure that little bugger was going to flip taking that turn!!! Crazy!

Positives: tomato sauce all over the road instead of blood lol

Anonymous said...

With all the hype and AJC article I sure hope this is good pie! They are starting off on the wrong foot. TERRIBLE LOCATION. Somebody get them a good broker!

Anonymous said...

Went Saturday night with a large group, so I got to try several pies. All were delicious. Get the Dolci and some Italian doughnuts for dessert. Phenomenal.

Luckily, we got there early because at about 8:30 Jeff shut the place down due to "slight imperfections in one of the dough compounds" according to our waitress. Dozens that had already ordered or were still waiting to be seated were sent away hungry. Hopefully he can get the kinks ironed out fast so this doesn't become a regular thing.

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