Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adrenalina Runs Out of Energy At North Point Mall

Adrenalina, a Florida-based water sports retailer has delayed its anticipated opening of its North Point Mall location what seems like indefinitely. Originally scheduled to be open last June, then delayed to Fall, then early 2009, then summer 2009, now...? Another location that was announced at the time the Atlanta store was first mentioned, the Plano, Texas location recently opened but the Atlanta location remain MIA from the Adrenalina website and has been removed from the North Point Mall website, previously listed as "Coming Soon." According to a representative from North Point Mall, Adrenalina is no longer opening. Though there may have been a number of factors that contributed to Adrenalina not opening, its highly possible that concessions and incentives offered to them from mall owner General Growth Properties fell through as a result of GGP's Bankruptcy filing. Repeat Atlanta!

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