Sunday, May 10, 2009

Agnes & Muriel's in Buckhead: "Out of Business!"

A hand written sign tells the story, Agnes & Muriel's is closed, for good. After being purchased and relocated to Buckhead from Midtown, the eatery was never able to recreate what it had in its previous location nor was it able to woo its Midtown clientele up Piedmont to Buckhead. There has been talk that the owner's wife became pregnant and that may have played a part, but sadly, I believe instead that it was opened at the wrong time in the wrong location. Though the lease for the space was signed in November 2008, the store didn't open till February with few visible signs of what took them so long. While it would have been nice to have an alternative to J. Christopher's and The Flying Biscuit, unfortunately that wasn't in the cards. Repeat Atlanta!

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