Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Cow! Abattoir Awaits Illinois Exported Calf!

Abattoir, the fifth restaurant from Ann Quatrano and Clifford Harrison of Star Provisions is said to be opening next week, presumably May 19th. Among other things, the restaurant is waiting on its signature life size cow that will function as both its sign and logo. Abattoir is located adjacent to Star Provisions in the recently redeveloped White Provisions development. Abattoir's actual space is a former slaughterhouse. Said to be a "meat-centric" eatery, Abattoir promises to be the boldest concept from Star Provisions. While a Repeat Atlanta reader called for Abattoir to be added to the Deathwatch months ago, we're willing to give this calf a chance to become a cow. Repeat Atlanta!


MartinM said...

I was walking around White provisions the other day and peeked my head up to the window of the restaurant... it looks just abotu done and BEAUTIFUL! Simple, original, and creative;y designed (and I am assuming their food will reflect that, too!) jsut like baccanalia and the other restaurants... VERY excited for this one.
Any more details on this cow? it seems really interesting... where's it going? What's it made out of? I trust these people, so i am sure it will be beautiful in its own interesting way.

Anonymous said...

Ate there for the first time tonight. I was pleased at first -- heavy door, detailed motif, 30 minute wait for the main dinning area, etc. We ended up pulling together two cocktail tables near the bar to avoid the wait (was comfortable enough).

You would think that a restaurant opening in a recession would be able to filter out the unemployed slackers and hire those who were laid off or are without a job but more than capable. Apparently not the case with Abattoir.

Darnell was our waiter and he began our experience off on the wrong note. First, very unaware of personal space. The menus also act as place mats apparently and he refused to place my napkin and dish on the table until I placed my menu down. Without saying anything he stood there with these items hovering them in my face.

I finally took his hint and set my menu down (only to remove the items to continue reading).

We had to ask him to bring the following items (which should be given): water, bread, and condiments for various dishes. He mumbled the entire time insisting that we speak up and completely ignored us throughout the meal.

I order the burger which is a combination of beef and pork. Def. not a traditional burger -- blood shot red cooked medium supposedly because it was mainly pork. Either way, felt like I was eating raw meat and I would have preferred a larger portion of beef with a hint of pork.

Overall, I was not satisfied but am willing to give them a second chance. I do not, however, recommend Abattoir.

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