Monday, May 25, 2009

Invitation only! Brown & Company Gold Party?

Brown and Company has taken what was once a museum of fine goods and made it more like the Buford Highway flea market. Opening in the space on the second level next to the American Cafe that was once Uncle Tai's and most recently was XDC Motorsports, the space had been empty since January. As the economy has plummeted, it seems that Phipps has been reduced to taking the approach of lower end malls and leasing to whomever. Giving free rent and or reduced rent to entice tenants to re-locate or open additional concepts in the mall is good for SIMON in the short run but will hurt the mall's reputation in the long run. Local concept Jedal, an Italian footwear store, opened a few weeks ago and is an interesting addition, but this Gold Store is pathetic! To have what amounts to a "permanent gold party" in a mall dedicated to luxury and exclusivity is foolish to say the least.

But wait, there's more! As many know, each story on Repeat Atlanta is accompanied by a photo that relates to the story, and recently we have been taking our own pictures on location. Keeping with this initiative, Repeat Atlanta's Repeatant was on location at Phipps Plaza on his way to shop at Sak's. He stopped by Brown and Company to take a quick picture and that's when the fun began. Expect a full report of what we are calling the 'Phipps Plaza Debacle' shortly! Repeat Atlanta!

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