Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dough Makes Everything Peachy Keen!

Take a stroll by 1010 Midtown (12th & Midtown) and you're sure to see what seems to be an area unaffected by the economy; or is it? With eatery locations popping up on the lower level left and right, it is hard to imagine that there is a recession at all. Ra Sushi and Noon Midtown are both open for business. Ri Ra Irish pub is completely transforming Crescent Ave as the entire facade of the location is being replicated into an actual Irish pub. The real story however, lies with the established food chain, Piola (Piola Peach will be the name for the Atlanta location). Taking one of the more accessible spaces offered in the 1010 mercantile space, this eatery is still a clean slate; unpainted dry wall on all fours and no sign of progress. Piola is a an Italian style pizzeria from Italy that has established locations in São Paolo, Buenos Aires, New York and Miami's South Beach. The focus on the pizza is the Italian inspired, authentic thin crust made in a wood-fired brick oven with an emphasis on European ambiance. If you contact 1010 Midtown, they will tell you the same baloney as other 'reliable' sources: Piola Peach is opening this summer! Maybe someone should inform them that it is the summer. Piola insiders have confirmed (privately), that Piola Peach has been pushed toward a late November opening, but it's easier said than done. Everyday that passes is lost income to an astronomical rent (hey, BofA is around the corner). Piola needs to find the dough to make Piola Peach rise. Repeat Atlanta!

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Anonymous said...

Im excited about Ri Ra. It really seems as if a lot if going into the transformation of the space. Seems authentic.

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