Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smith & Hawken Digging For Headquarter Space in Atlanta?

San Francisco-based luxury garden retailer Smith & Hawken is said to be looking at relocating its corporate headquarters to metro Atlanta. With overall retail sales the worst they have been in decades, Smith & Hawken was hit especially hard as its products are luxury items and are often the first to be cut from consumers budgets. Pat Farrah, interim head of the company has said Atlanta would be the best fit for the company if they can become viable. If the move takes place, Sembler's Town Brookhaven development is said to be in line for a Smith & Hawken flagship store. More details to follow. Repeat Atlanta!

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Reactionary said...

I like this. As the correction continues (and it will continue), gardens--like health clubs--will trend towards a necessity. People will grow and cut their own flowers and their own vegetables. Atlanta has a long growing season but can also support winter vegetables.

If S & H plays this right, Atlanta is a perfect fit. I wish them the very best.

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