Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fond of La Fonda Latina? New Location Opens In West Midtown

Max's Pizzeria opening on Marietta Street got me thinking about the old Slice on Howell Mill. On my way to ESPERANZA and Whynatte's The Rooftop Jump Off at Six Feet Under, I was shocked to see the old Slice suddenly had a new inhabitant. After what looks like a partial demolition of the left side of the structure, La Fonda Latina has opened. The building was shifted around a lot as it appears to now have the kitchen in the rear of the right side with the left side now an open air patio. What had been an uneven and spotty parking lot has now been repaved with new signage as well. The Latin eatery from the people that brought you Fellini's Pizza, Repeat Atlanta was told the eatery has been open for about a week. Many Fellini's around town have a La Fonda next door, this seems to be the complementary La Fonda to the Fellini's at the corner of Howell Mill and Collier Roads. Repeat Atlanta!

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