Monday, July 13, 2009

Head For the Hills and Try Himalayas Indian Restaurant

When it comes to food, I’m a bit of a creature of habit. Of course, I embrace every new culinary adventure, but sometimes the comfort of a favorite “tried and true” eatery is all that will do. Such is the case with Himalayas Indian Restaurant. I’ve been masticating maharajah style at this spot for over a decade, and am routinely impressed by it’s consistency. From the ever-hearty mulligatawny soup with fresh lime wedges, to the leanest lamb bhuna this side of Mumbai (or London as the case may be). The truth is, I cannot remember a visit that I’ve made to this strip mall gem where I tried something that I didn’t fall in love with. Additional highlights include the bold chicken korma and the “Indian spicy” (no gringos allowed) vindaloo that would make even Kali succumb to the seductive heat – beware!! As for the service, rest assured - if your water glass is ever less than half full, you’re visiting the wrong strip mall.

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Jonathan said...

I'll be sure to try it! Although I need to go with someone that knows Indian food because I'm afraid I'm a bit clueless. It's amazing how many Indian restaurants we have in the metro.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Someone else has figured out one of my Atlanta secrets. This is truly a hidden gem in the city. Himalayas is my version of comfort food - never fails to disappoint. Great pick!

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