Friday, August 28, 2009

Juicy Green Virginia Highlands Location Discovered

Juicy Green will go head to head with Yoforia when it opens its new Highlands location this fall. Despite earlier information from a Juicy Green rep, the new location will be on N. Highland rather than Virginia. Located less than a mile down, on the same side of the road, Juicy Green's new Highlands location at 1046 N. Highland Ave. is across from Moe's & Joe's and down from Chico's. Its space most recently housed Eco Bella Organic Lifestyle Boutique, but had been vacant for a while. Its steetside location, within walking distance of many intown residents is perfect for exposure though we're a little concerned with opening a new yogurt shop in the fall, when most eateries of its type experience the most difficulty in attracting customers. Repeat Atlanta!

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