Monday, August 24, 2009

Not So Good Fortune... Chopstix Buckhead Is 86'd!

So, I spent some time in China last year and savored some fine fare during my visit. From Cantonese, to Pekingese, to Szechuan – the cuisine is as varied as the lovely people.

Back in the States, this grasshopper craved some of the same experiences … the strong lauded Chopstix nearly topped the list. With it’s Hong Kong roots, this establishment has garnered a formidable presence in Buckhead. Having a staff as polished and efficient as any I’ve seen, I fear the flavors of the cuisine have been slightly lost in translation. From a hot & sour soup that was entirely overpowered by black pepper, to a calamari appetizer drowning in its “sweet & syrupy” sauce – for a moment I lost confidence in my self-proclaimed discriminating palate, but I cannot deny the reception from my taste-buddies. In this case, I understand the necessity of an efficient staff, as a full water glass is required to endure the tragically over salted Szechuan chicken. Even the spicy pork fried rice spoke desert-dryness and lacked any semblance of spiciness… the water was good though. So for now, regrettably, I must say – 86 on the ‘Stix.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have never been, but have always been told it was good but over priced.

For Chinese food in North Buckhead Golden Buddha on Roswell Rd gets my vote everytime!

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