Monday, September 7, 2009

White House Restaurant, Tried and True -- Rick's Pick!

Breakfast - the oft forgotten stepchild of Americaʼs meal trifecta. I rarely indulge, but I do love a classic American breakfast. I love it all; the eggs, bacon, pancakes, syrup, sausage, etc, so itʼs comforting to know that the tried and true White House Restaurant on Peachtree Road has always got you covered. Upon entering this Greek owned, family run neighborhood joint, one always observes the friendliest of staffs, with a cordial greeting - even from the rear of the room. This open kitchen churns out breakfast a bounty. I cannot think of a single item on the “all day breakfast” menu that does not bear mention. Hence, I sing their praises to all who will listen. From the leanest bacon Iʼve eaten anywhere (except Lou Mitchellʼs in Chicago), to the fluffiest omelets made to order, to the heaping hashbrowns, and the ever golden flapjacks. All orders are lovingly presented with charming poise by any one of their diverse, United Nations “envoys”. Of course, you pay at the register, where the Chiclets are another favorite. And by-the-by, the Jimmy Carter booth is always reserved for me - so donʼt get any ideas.

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Bickley said...

White House is always a go. My dad has been taking me there since I was a little kid, and it was a favorite brunch spot for my friends and me in high school on "teacher work days". I'd always recommend this place. And you're spot on about the Chiclets! :)

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