Sunday, October 18, 2009

Metro Grill Opening in Iconic Joel's Space Downtown

Metro Grill, a new concept by the owners of Joel's, have plans of opening their newly named and branded cafe style eatery this Wednesday, October 21st in the recently renovated Joel's space. Located at 33 Hurt Plaza across the street from the City Grill and down the road from Georgia Power, what has been considered an institution in Atlanta will continue with the cafe style feeding -- serving a hodgepodge of cuisines from Italian to Chinese and American including a salad bar and made to order sandwiches with the finest quality Boar's Head meats. Hidden in a parking garage mainly occupied by vehicles belonging to Georgia State University students and faculty, Joel's was one of the only and most convenient breakfast locations downtown, as other nearby eateries open at eleven to prepare for the lunch crowd. Diners loved the option of eating at Joel's several days in a row, but like a cafeteria, having the option of eating something different daily while still enjoying cooking like what you would expect from Grandma. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, guys... What's going on lately? You used to update almost every day!

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