Sunday, November 15, 2009

Former My Panini to Become BobbyG's Chicago Eatery

The former My Panini at Lindbergh City Center will re-open as BobbyG's Chicago Eatery early next year. One of two concepts thus far to fail in the Lindbergh City Center, My Panini lasted about a year before it closed and neighbor eatery Hot Stix didn't fare much better, closing shortly thereafter. BobbyG's hopes to fill a niche not currently served in the area. Similar to its original location in Alpharetta, the eatery will offer sandwiches as well as "Chicago style" pizzas and hot dogs. With Urban Flats next door offering some pizza, BobbyG's will offer more variety at a lower price point. Urban Flats seems not quite sure what they want to be with prices ranging from the single digits to over $20 for main entree items. Urban Flats seems destined for closure in the first quarter of 2010 unless a new reduced lease is signed. With so many of the nearby condos and apartments empty, the upscale restaurants in the area are having an especially tough time keeping tables filled and the doors open. BobbyG's is capable of competing if not thriving in the area if they can deliver a quality product and higher properly. ToNeTo Atlanta

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