Tuesday, November 3, 2009

STELLA Down Like Its Neighbors In Oakland Cemetary

STELLA Pasta Pizza Spirits in Grant Park will be closing at years end. STELLA, the sister restaurant of Osteria 832 Pizza & Pasta from VaHi opened in March of 2008, but never really caught on in the neighborhood. An original member of the "Deathwatch" on my previous site, the restaurant just did not fit with the area. Rich Chey of HomeGrown Restaurants will replace STELLA with his successful Asian concept, Doc Chey's Noodle House in February. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Stosh said...

I'm sure Doc Chey's will be a nice addition to the resaurant. I just wish Six Feet Under would relinquish its stronghold on the neighborhood. Such a monothilic cartoon of what it once was and how it has become everything that it deemed poinsonous to a local restaurant. There it stands, a modern day TGI Fridays, serving terrible food just the same. I hope Rich Chey can up the ante and seduce the local residents with his healthier, more environmentally consious alternative.

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