Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big Changes In The Lenox Square Food Court

Viagio, which opened in the back portion of the Lenox Square food court by the escalators in early September has closed. While I was eager to try the food after first hearing of its opening over the summer, it was not worth the wait. I ate there once and would describe the food as a step below Artuzzi's and a mile behind FIGO. Apparently their food was not even deserving of a Yelp review! Their operation seemed more "mom and pop" than anything, and not in a good way. It was if they built out the restaurant overnight and hired the first 3 folks who strolled by. Nathan's Famous closed and has become simply "Frontier" serving similar fare. Sarku Japan, a restaurant operation out of Canada with one Asian concept in the food court already (Sakkio Japan), will open a second in the space that most recently housed a Verizon Wireless outpost. A "Sarku Sushi" kiosk is under construction and is scheduled to open after the new year. The former Cinnabon space next to Freshen's remains vacant, as does the former United Artists movie theater. ToNeTo Atlanta

Editors Note: While I would love to provide pictures of these developments, SIMON Properties has refused to either supply me with pictures or allow me to take my own.

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