Friday, December 18, 2009

Planned Cantina Laredo and III Forks Terminal at Terminus

Dallas-based Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc. has pulled the plug on both of its planned Atlanta concepts. Cantina Laredo, similar to Rosa Mexicano and III Forks Prime Steakhouse were both reported to have been opening in Cousins recently completed Terminus 200, but Consolidated smartly backed out. With a surplus of steakhouses in the Buckhead area and Here To Serve re-concepting LOLA to "Cantina", a Mexican concept, the cards seemed stacked against Consolidated's planned concepts. While I think the Cantina Laredo concept might actually have done well in Buckhead, as diners do desire this type cuisine but hate the hassles of Atlantic Station, perhaps the agreement was signed for both and they nor Cousins wanted only one.
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