Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Urban Flats, Falls Flat, Abandons Lindbergh City Center

OK, again, before I can even update the Deathwatch, another eatery has closed. An original member of the DeathWatch, Urban Flats at Lindbergh City Center, closed as of this past weekend. Located adjacent to both the large AT&T building as well as the Lindbergh MARTA station, the restaurant never seemed crowded since its opening last fall. This past February, and again earlier this summer (on the now defunct Repeat Atlanta), I said that the restaurant would not last through December. Out of place and overpriced for the area, the restaurant never garnered enough of a following to make it in the uber competitive Buckhead area. BobbyG's is preparing to open, hopefully their economically friendly price point translates into greater sales. This was the second franchised Atlanta area location from Orlando-based Urban Flats. Franchisee Bob Roger's location at The Avenue Webb Gin remains open for now. ToNeTo Atlanta

1 comment:

Carl Muth said...

Urban Flats in Lindberg is going to re-open with a new owner.

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