Tuesday, December 22, 2009

U.S. Cafe Opening In Lindbergh Plaza, Already In Trouble?

Sembler's Lindbergh Plaza is getting a new eatery that may already be in trouble. Located in the street level retail in the bottom of Lindbergh Vista Apartments, the space was once earmarked for The Crescent Moon but we all know what happened to them. Restaurateur Vipul Patel already has two locations of his U.S. Cafe concept in Smyrna and plans to tweak the concept with hopes of turning it into a regional chain. Mr. Patel hired Restaurant Consulting Group (RCG Inc.) to handle development and build-out of his new location. Engaging RCG is an interesting move for a new fast casual concept as previous RCG clients include the ultra chic MF Buckhead, French American Brasserie and a favorite of mine, Taurus. Unfortunately, a website currently displays a message apparently left by his webmaster claiming that Patel is delinquent in paying him $600 and that as a result, the site was taken down. Having already shelled out over $300K for the build-out of the Lindbergh location, how on earth can he not afford to pay his webmaster $600 for services rendered? I discovered a second website that appears to be his current one and displays no negative messages. Currently the eatery is scheduled to open in late January or early February, but this timeline may be overly optimistic based on the way the place looks now. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

Why would they put this place so close to 5 guys and Zestos with a Fatburger just down the street? Looks llike they have similar food. Seems like a poor choice to me... but glad to see things going in! Best of luck

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