Monday, January 25, 2010

AquaKnox Closure Imminent, Blame It on Haiti?

As I predicted on my Deathwatch earlier this month, multiple sources in Buckhead have confirmed AquaKnox restaurant at Terminus will be closed inside of three weeks, maybe less. Though they would not confirm they were closing, staff advised me not to make reservations for Valentine's Day as they could not guarantee they would be able to accommodate me on that date. Given a recent review left on Google, it would not be surprising to see them close this week.
"We were told by the waiter that they ran out of chicken, fish, and the wine that we ordered. I immediately looked around to see if we were being filmed by a hidden camera!!! EVERYTHING we ordered was not available. They blamed it on the crisis that is currently going on in Haiti."
For the staff to blame their food shortage on the crisis in Haiti seems far-fetched at a minimum and insensitive as well. Rather than blame their shortages on a disaster that has killed so many, why not just admit the fact that you have stopped ordering in anticipation of your closure? For Buckhead residents seeking fresh seafood, check out two of my favorites the Atlanta Fish Market or C&S Seafood and Oyster Bar. ToNeTo Atlanta

((Update)) Earlier this afternoon I received word from AquaKnox that have ceased operations effective immediately.


Anonymous said...

Good - I went there more than a year ago and had an awful experience. The location seems like a good one and I hope that the landlord can find a good restaurant to fill the void.

Skreet said...

Death confirmed today on the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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