Monday, January 18, 2010

Miracle is Over, Illuminations Gone, Rockport Coming Back

Illuminations, a specialty candle store owned by Yankee Candle Co., opened and closed twice in the same second-level location at Lenox Square; now Rockport shoes will be opening in the space. Rockport itself will be giving Lenox Square a second try, as they previously had a store on the upper level where Standard is now. During the time that store was open, Rockport was owned by Reebok, though since its closure, Reebok was purchased by Adidas. With a new owner, Rockport has undergone a re-branding effort of sorts to make the brand more a lifestyle brand than a niche line, popular with larger and wider demographics. A new ad campaign builds off the "Live in Rockport" tagline and has been seen across the city, with a large presence in MARTA trains. Rockport is not the only shoes retailer to give Lenox Square a second go, taf (The Athlete's Foot) opened late last year near CPK after closing a store on the upper level near Corner Bakery last decade. With a fresh look and an extended line of footwear offerings, I think Rockport is a great addition to Lenox Square. ToNeTo Atlanta

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