Friday, January 8, 2010

Piola Peach Finally Progressing at 1010 Midtown

Piola Peach is finally making progress at 1010 Midtown. On the 11th Street side of the mega development, Piola Peach is scheduled to open later this month, next door to RA Sushi. (Judging from the picture at the right, taken last week, as well as the constant delays in opening, pies probably will not start to fly till early February) Piola, an Italian chain based in Treviso, Italy, will serve up classic Italian pizza along with pastas and other Italian offerings. With so many pizza joints in the city, Piola will try to distinguish itself by hosting cultural events and art shows at the restaurant. Adding "Peach" to their name is a nice touch. Additionally, the restaurant will feature live music on select days and similar to Pie 950, will have multiple TV's for patrons to watch soccer games. With a number of diverse locations from Argentina to Turkey, Piola is expanding in the U.S. already with four locations in Florida. I was recently in south Florida myself and while I did not have the chance to eat there, I checked out the menu and the layout. The restaurant seems positioned in a peculiar place, prices just above what many would consider "fast casual" but above below "fine dining". Piola Peach will feature entrees from about 10 to around 20 bucks. ToNeTo Atlanta

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