Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farm Burger Wants You To Eat More (Grass Fed) Beef In Decatur

There's a new burger joint in town with a "no bull" attitude. Setting up shop in what was most recently Voila Cafe near Watershed on W. Ponce, Farm Burger will feature 100% grass fed, Georgia grown beef. After seeing Food Inc., I have grown increasingly aware of how and from where my food comes and this sounds like a great concept! Starting at six bucks, additional organic accoutrements can be had for a little extra. Other possibilities for the menu include diverse artisan cheeses, local eggs, house-made pickles, roasted bone marrow and house-cured bacon. With a slightly higher base price than Grindhouse Killer Burgers, I hope Alex has his ducks in a row if he still wants to open in downtown Decatur as I mentioned last month. If not, perhaps he will go with the Plan B location: Cheshire Bridge Road near Taqueria del Sol. The Farm Burger website features a "Spring 2010" opening, but parking variance issues delayed work for months, so when it will actually open is anyone's guess. ToNeTo Atlanta

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