Friday, February 5, 2010

Michael Kors Adding A Second Store, Perimeter

Thanks to a ToNeTo Atlanta reader for the following scoop!

Michael Kors is adding to its retail presence in Atlanta with the opening of a second boutique in Perimeter Mall. Kors' first boutique opened at Lenox Square in Buckhead in 2008 and has been a nice addition to the mall. When it opened, it took the place of Bally, which had relocated to Phipps Plaza. Its neighbors now include 7 For All Mankind, COACH and Faconnable. With any luck, similar stores will soon be lured to Perimeter. Though no formal announcement of its opening or its location within the mall has been made, my money's on the Nordstrom wing, possibly in a portion of the former Mayor's Jewelers. According to the Kors website, the store is opening in May. The upper level space where Falcons 365 was seems too big, but who knows? A couple years back there was talk of Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade in the mall, but nothing lately. Perhaps a Juicy Couture store or the Urban Outfitters trifecta, a Free People store? ToNeTo Atlanta


Jonathan said...

The new Urban Outfitters is a fantastic store! They really did a nice buildout and offer a more effective space than the Lenox store in my opinion.

The new Michael Kors stands out very nicely in the space above the food court and nicely fits in with neighbors, Swarovski and a nice-size Coach store.

Perimeter needs to:
1) terminate the lease of Skillz when it is up - that store in NO WAY fits in with the positioning of the mall
2) sign Furla or another high-end leather goods store to complement the existing LV at Lenox. I see a new LV being a better fit for a new upscale shopping venue in Alpharetta or even in a re-worked North Point Mall.
3) move Express into the old Martin+Osa space and finally give Atlanta the Express store that they deserve - something akin to the North Park store in Dallas
4)Sign an electronics boutique - like Bose, Futuretronics, or Sony Style.
5) Instead of wasting a good space on Know Style, can you please court a new retailer to Atlanta such as Free People (as you suggested, Eli), Na Hoku, Originial Penguin, or even Fossil.

On a side note, what ever happened to the days when malls had fountains?

Atlantan99 said...


I totally agree on UO @ Perimeter, well done on layout and location.

Skillz has no place in Perimeter and needs to go.

Bose would be nice, dunno how likely it is though.

Original Penguin would be nice or Free People but Fossil, not so much. They already opened as closed in Perimeter years ago ( current Apple store if memory serves)

Um yes, what did happen to mall fountains? Gone from most everywhere... I think Northlake still has one though.

Thanks for the comments!

Jonathan said...

Interesting that Fossil did not survive in Perimeter, but they survive in Gwinnett Place. :-?

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