Monday, April 26, 2010

IHOP Making A Second Go Of It In Midtown

This just in from a ToNeTo Atlanta reader -
IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is making a second go of it in Midtown with the opening of a new location at 428 Ponce de Leon Avenue. I say second, as less than a half mile away at 129 North Avenue, there was once an IHOP but it closed years ago and is currently Mandarin Palace II. The signature IHOP structure of the 90s remains. Located at 428 Ponce de Leon Avenue, the most recent restaurant on the spot was Louise's, a soul food restaurant, but the building first housed one of the earliest Krystal's in the area. The site is across from Taco Bell and about a block up from Charles Allen Drive. The new IHOP, on which framing on the existing shell has started, should be open by early late summer. While my favorite midtown breakfast joint remains American Roadhouse in VaHi, I'm sure this IHOP will do just fine, especially if it follows the pattern of IHOPs lately and is open 24 hours. All the late night club-goers of midtown will surely keep them busy. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Atlantan99 said...

According to an IHOP representative, this location should be completed by early June and open June 21.

Anonymous said...

rootin tootin cracky wacky 24/7

Unknown said...

Good to see something new open in that area as the KFC nearby closed down recently.

They may try 24/7 but I wonder how it will work out for them? It works for the Majestic, but most other spots give it up after awhile.

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