Monday, May 17, 2010

Gillespie BBQ Joint Looking For A Home Other Than Old Brake-O

Top Chef Finalist Kevin Gillespie will have to look elsewhere for his upcoming BBQ joint. I received word late last night that the landlord and he were unable to come to an agreement on the lease and have ended talks. I previously announced a deal was near, sadly it did not come to fruition. While I still believe that he will find an intown home for his as-yet-unnamed BBQ joint, it's likely not to be the former Brake-O at Piedmont Avenue and Piedmont Circle. Stay tuned to ToNeTo Atlanta for updates before they become available elsewhere. ToNeTo Atlanta

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you have any direct connections with Gillespie and his team? It would be neat to suggest they consider a bold step (bold in that his "brand name" is strong enough to likely bring other business with it) like somewhere along Buford Hwy (e.g. close to Northeast Plaza/back of Brookhaven) and which would not be more than a few miles from Woodfire.

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