Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Up With Metrotainment Cafes? Sugar Shack Opening?

Atlanta based Metrotainment Cafes may be in more trouble they are willing to admit. Last fall they sold their established Cheyenne Grill in Peachtree Battle Shopping Center and at that point, Metrotainment founder Jeff Landau said they were going to focus on their successful Hudson Grill concept. After closing their Garrison's Broiler & Tap at Perimeter Mall to reopen it as a Hudson Grill in 2008, it too closed last week. Even worse,their new concept "Sugar Shack," was announced weeks before the similar concept, Bakeshop by Concentrics, but has yet to progress.

The Brookhaven location is across from Hudson Grill and was Marc Anthony's Italian Restaurant until they relocated to Clairmont Road near PDK. Despite signs, like the one pictured, that read "SWEETENING ATLANTA SHORTLY", no visible work has been done in months. Bakeshop, which opened last fall in the former Gold Star Bakery & Cafe at 8th and Peachtree serves desserts, sandwiches and assorted hot / cold beverages, a similar menu to that which was described on Sugar Shack's Facebook and Twitter pages. Their Twitter account which most recently announced an opening in January 2010, has been silent since 12/4. With over 1000 Twitter followers, one would think they'd be a little more careful in what they say. Their Facebook page, has a measly 35 who "Like" it but still, same point applies. On April 7th, I was informed by a Metrotainment executive at their corporate office that they will be open "within 60 days." Shall I hold my breath? I think not. ToNeTo Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

Wow that's crazy that Hudson Perimeter is already closed. Their Brookhaven location (which is only a few miles away) is always packed. I guess the Perimeter one didn't have the neighborhood feeling.

Fresh said...

The Sugar Shack has real signs up as of yesterday.

Atlantan99 said...

Hey Fresh,

After over 5 months of silence, their Twitter feed read on June 10th "We're opening in July! The dessert cases are coming! Stay tuned for menu descriptions!". I peeked inside, they have def been working, perhaps late July.

Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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