Monday, June 28, 2010

Vinyl Lives! After 34 Years, Fantasyland Records Relocating

Fantasyland Records, which has been located at 2839 Peachtree Road for the last 34 years, will re-open in a new location July 1st. I'm told that the owners were forced out as the landlord wanted to redevelop the center. Likely to be the lone remaining tenant in the center is the recently relocated Peachtree Bikes. Less than a mile away at 360 Pharr Road, the new location was once a children's play place called Playforming Arts. With all the kids' rooms, I'm told the new location is a smidge bigger than the previous location. One of the larger rooms seems ideal for an acoustic set but I figure the residents of the apartments above might not take too kindly to that. Fantasyland is a music fan's paradise with tons of vintage vinyl, as well as tapes and CDs. The store also carries music posters and T-shirts. The previous location was very much a "no-frills" atmosphere, something the owners will foreseeably transfer to the new location: great prices and knowledgeable associates in as much of an anti-corporate feel as possible. I still love Bookman's in Arizona and have fond memories of going to Oxford Books and Turtle's as a kid, but Fantasyland has kept pace and hopefully will continue to do so.

My only fear is that the location they have selected will not be as conducive to buying / selling lots of records, as there is basically no up-front or nearby parking. There is an inside lot but it's a bit of a hike to the front door. The location will also provide far less drive/walk by traffic as they are moving from a premier Peachtree Road address to a lower volume street in Pharr Road. Just down the road, at the corner of Pharr and Grandview, Saskatoon, a steakhouse specializing in wild game, is having a tough time even with valet service. The restaurant seems dead basically every time I drive by, many times a day, most days of the week. While yes, the clientele eating at a wild game restaurant is not the same as a used record store, it boils down to a parking issue if you ask me. I hope the new Fantasyland is as popular-- if not more so-- than its previous location, but we'll just have to wait and see. ToNeTo Atlanta

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RecordStoreGuy said...

The parking at the new Fantasyland location is GREAT! Just pull into the parking garage, which is right beside the store. You are literally only a few steps away from their front door. And it`s FREE PARKING!

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