Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nonna Mia is No More in Midtown

The revolving door that is the space at 980 Piedmont continues with the closing of Nonna Mia Cafe & Pizzeria. Prior to becoming Nonna Mia, the space was Sweet Devil Moon and years ago it was the popular The Big Red Tomato Bistro. After Nonna Mia opened last spring, I immediately questioned the viability of such an eatery. It seemed to be an ill conceived concept and the food was just not that good. At the time that it opened, it had an existing sister location in New Orleans. A call to that location today verifies that recently, the two locations were being operated as if they were in no way related, other than the name of course. The restaurant's website mentions a location "Coming Soon to DC" but I doubt that will ever come to fruition. ToNeTo Atlanta

Another casualty of the economy? Poor management? Crappy food? Leave a comment and weigh in.

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Mike H said...

It was Little Azio level quality, which is not bad but Nonna charged a lot more for it. Average dinner for two at Little Azio is around $25 while the same meal at Nonna would be $35-40 plus you have to leave a tip.

Anonymous said...

The food wasn't that bad but, it was way over priced.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will be successful in that spot is a Starbucks. So basically they need to open one there.

Anonymous said...

I just don't think its a good location. Actually, I think its a great location but someone needs to completely redo the building. To me the building just feels dark and seedy.

And while they're at it, tear down Nikimoto's and the Mexican joint and rebuild them with parking in the rear like a "real" city.

Michael said...

That space doesn't pander to the market like Blake's, Gilbert's, etc. etc. do. Something martini centric, drag, cheap booze.

No one goes around the corner to bar hop there - they don't think about it, they walk right past it when leaving Blake's out the back. They head over to Joe's or wherever.

That spot needs to infiltrate the gays, make it somewhere they need to be going.

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