Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Former Madison Grill Welcomes 3 Chefs

The former Madison Grill space at 1375 Peachtree Street has now been leased. Open from 2001 to the summer of 2009, Madison Grill was opened and owned for much of its existence by former Earthlink and MindSpring President Michael McQuary. The restaurant itself is located in the lobby level of Earthlink's world headquarters. A new restaurant "3 Chefs Downtown," will open in the space in the coming weeks, I'm told. With a menu featuring traditional southern favorites, perhaps this place could be an alternative to the nearby Mary Mac's for some. It will have to have great service, friendly pricing and a lil' old lady to rub y'alls' backs. The website was last updated (according to the published dates) on July 22. At that time, the restaurant was to open in September with a coupon posted expiring October 22.

Today I was informed that the restaurant plans to open October 22, although walking by, a CBRE for lease sign remains in the window, and it seems that little to no work had been done inside. Hopefully, they will get their act together soon and make the most of what has the potential to be a cool space in a great midtown location, surrounded by hungry white collars. I say great, as it's surrounded by offices, whilst offering little in the way of nearby (free) parking. With any luck, their actual menu won't reflect Southern crusine as their cuisine du jour. ToNeTo Atlanta

PS, don't you hate PARKatlanta?

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Anonymous said...

Its almost 6 months later and still nothing? Whats up?

Atlantan99 said...

I have been made aware that the deal has fallen through. The inexperienced chef/owner spoke too soon and the deal was not done. There are multiple other interested parties though, I will update accordingly.

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