Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holy Cow! Burger Club Closes...Vinings Fish Co. Opening

Great Food Group Inc., owned by Chef Paul Albrecht, will be making some changes in the new year. Originally called the Burger Lounge, the Burger Club was the name when his burger concept eventually opened in November 2009. Christmas Eve was the last day of business for The Burger Club, their family friendly burger concept in Vinings Jubilee.

In it's place, Albrecht plans to open Vinings Fish Co. and hopes to be operational by late January. When open, Vinings Fish Co. will join nearby Social Vinings and Paul's in Peachtree Hills as other concepts within the Great Food Group Inc umbrella.

For all the Smyrna-Vinings residents worried about the loss of the Burger Club, as it was a great family outing: all is not lost. Supposedly the Burger Club will reopen this spring in Smyrna-Vinings and quite possibly even in Vinings-Jubilee but in a slightly smaller space. I say supposedly considering the current M.O. of restaurateurs who are closing, is to instead call the closure ,a "renovation" or claim to be re-opening in another location even if they are closed for good without intention of re-opening anywhere.

Though not the same situation, everyone will recall we first heard of Pano's & Paul's closing of the West Paces restaurant to re-open in the St. Regis. Of course this re-opening would be Pano's {sans the now uninvolved Paul} but alas, over two years later, the restaurant seems to be more a dream at this point. From what I'm told by those in the hospitality industry, it's likely the hotel owners will seek a new restaurant to fill the space next year, after having let it sit idle hoping that Buckhead Life would makes things happen.

Is this a sign that the burger craze in waning? Have you had enough, or are you craving more? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Billy said...

People are always going to want a good burger but I guess the bigger question is how many burger places in Atlanta will remain profitable with so much competition.

I have to admit that the Atlanta restaurant that I'm most excited about opening in 2011 is yet again a burger place...5 Napkin Burger out of New York. Well, that and STK.

Atlantan99 said...

Hey Billy,

Totally with you on 5 Napkin and stk / skt out...hopefully by spring for both!

Happy New Year!

SB said...

Just had Steak n Shake on Cobb Pkwy not far from Vinings. That'll do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I gave Burger Club 2 tries. It just wasn't good. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.

The whole burger thing has got a bit out of hand. I'm really tired of the Atlanta food crazes. 1 genre restaurant opens and gets a buzz, 20 more are on the way, and usually inferior.

At least annoying hipsters have quit talking about "gastro-pubs". I really wanted to punch someone in the mouth every time I heard that.

Back to Buford Highway where the real culinary talent is!

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