Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Farm Burger Raising the "Steaks" With Planned Buckhead Location

Farm Burger, which opened in Decatur last April, is now preparing to expand in Atlanta and beyond. Frequenting the restaurant, I have heard a number of potential cities of interest including Roswell and Buckhead, and also Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC. The only location I've been able to confirm is the potential Buckhead site.

While a deal is still in the works, George Frangos and his team hope to open their Buckhead outpost in the former Atlanta Bread Co. space at Tower Walk on Piedmont. The Atlanta Bread closed last summer and has sat vacant ever since. While I'd love for Farm Burger to expand, especially in Buckhead, I have reservations about this being the best location for them.

The parking can be a challenge with a few limited (30 minute) spaces out front and only a deck for additional parking: it does not provide the right setup in my opinion. I will say that their Decatur location has challenges of its own parking wise (not enough), but its neighborhood location makes it possible for people to walk. In Decatur, it fits really well. I realize there aren't really two "Decaturs" in Atlanta and perhaps Frangos really wants to be in Buckhead, but I just hope there are other location possibilities. While Another Broken Egg Cafe just announced that it was taking the former Savor Specialty Foods in Peachtree Battle, I see that area as being a better fit if something becomes available.

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  1. What happened to Farm Burger opening in the Town Brookhaven development? Is that dead now?

  2. Hey Anon,

    While TOWN Brookhaven was at one point a possibility, it's my understanding Farm Burger abandoned those plans some time ago.

  3. I'm less worried about their choice of location ('cause they have a huge base of fans here and in Athens that will find a way there) than their ability to handle so many outlets. They've made it work and do a great job with 2, I hope the 3rd doesn't push them over the edge. More than once we've seen situations where the incremental financial/operation load pulls down the whole ship.

    I wonder if they believe that a Buckhead location will support more frequent/larger specialty dinners (like their quarterly suppers, which BTW are AMAZING) or maybe a different format altogether. That could be fun!

  4. What is wrong with this location? They can validate your parking just like Rusan's and the movie theater... are Atlanta people that stupid/lazy? Also, there's plenty of offices in close driving/walking distance too. Tower Walk needs to come back to life - something popular will help.

  5. In Atlanta, does there HAVE to be like 50 parking spaces out front for a place to be successful? Give me a break. There's plenty of successful places here already without a million parking spaces in the front.

    I work near this location and it would be nice to have another option. I like Farmburger!

  6. @Anons

    I'm with you on the food being good and liking Farmburger. I myself will definitely patronize this location should it open. I'm just not confident others will do the same. People want convenience and this location is convenient for some but not all. I will say, its better than Terminus without a doubt but I still worry. I wish them nothing but success.

  7. great location... should do well there w/ the condos / office towers filling in the imed area ... parking easy