Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silk Restaurant to Close May 1st

Silk Restaurant in midtown will close May 1st after 7 years in business. Owned by husband and wife Raymond and Anna Hsu, Silk never seemed busy and I'm shocked it made it as long as it did. Hsu's and Pacific Rim Bistro, the couples downtown restaurants remain open and will honor existing gift certificates and gift cards from Silk. The Hsu's also operate AZN, another Asian concept in Naples, Florida and plan to open a second in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Silk was never on my DeathWatch as I was told the restaurant was the crown jewel of the group and would remain open, profitable or not. The focus now will be on remodeling the two downtown eateries and opening the second AZN in Charlotte.

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Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm real surprised. It looked like a nice enough restaurant, but the menu from what I recall really wasn't all that attractive and seemed over priced and it has always been empty.

Anonymous said...

Sad. They're good people and it's a really nice vibe. It deserved more people than it got.

I noticed the recent sign on the door and noted that they were only serving dinner but still hoped for the best.

I wish the team (including rock star bartender Jack) the very best.

Anonymous said...

Atlantans don't like parking drama...and that Metropolis deck is full of it!

Anonymous said...

Midtown Mile will eventually have 100% vacancy.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous #3: what is the "drama" you refer to in the Metropolis deck?

@Anonymous #4: "Midtown Mile will eventually have 100% vacancy"
Huh? What are you talking about?

Anonymous #5

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