Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Prayers Have Been Answered! Church's Chicken Coming Back to Ponce

In 1989, Church's Chicken and Popeye's merged and were run separately by parent company, Atlanta-based AFC Enterprises. During their time as sibling concepts, locations of each concept were not far from each other. Most notably for me, were their locations on Ponce de Leon Avenue and Boulevard, one on each side of the road. In recent years, the Popeye's was torn down and rebuilt with the new branding and store design. Now known as Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, Popeye's remains part of AFC Enterprises. Church's closed that rather small location and was itself sold by AFC to Arcapita in 2004.

With the recent closure of KFC on Ponce de Leon Avenue, just a couple of blocks from their former location, Church's will open in its place in the coming weeks. A far larger location, this new Church's will convert the existing building to meet its needs. Interestingly enough, a similar thing happened last year when IHOP opened a new restaurant on Ponce de Leon Avenue having previously closed a location nearby on North Avenue.

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